Fertilizer Injector Systems

Dosatrons: Sustainable Greenhouse Fertilizer Injector Systems

Dosatron, allows your plants get the right amount of nutrients all the time. Dosatron fertilizer injectors are the greenhouse growers standard for quality and reliability.

Dosatron fertilizer injector

If you plan on setting up a greenhouse grow, then you will be very interested in Fertilizer Injector Systems. Fertilizer injectors are used by most growers to apply water-soluble fertilizers to plants. Dosatron is the industry leader in dosing devices that “inject” a small quantity of concentrated fertilizer solution (stock solution) into the irrigation line so that the water leaving the hose (dilute solution) supplies the proper concentration of fertilizer. With Dosatron, your plants get the right amount of nutrients every time.

Dosatron fertilizer injectors can be used in a variety of installations and configurations. Our customers get the best pricing on Dosatron fertilizer injectors. Contact us to find out what set up you need.


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Which Fertilizer Injector System is Right for Me?

Should I use the 3/4″ or the 1 1/2″ Dosatron Fertilizer Injector System?

If you are having trouble finding the target dilutions, send us your feed schedule or chart that you currently use and we can consult with you to set up the best treatment.

Here are a couple helpful tips for choosing the right Dosataron:

What is your total irrigation water flow rate per zone?

To determine your total irrigation water flow rate, estimate your water flow by multiplying the number of drippers by the flow rate of each dripper.

What is the pressure (PSI) of your incoming water line? 

If you know great, if not, no worries just use the form below to contact us.

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fully automated fertigation systems

Mountain Greenhouse is licensed dealer for Dosatron Fertilizer Injector Systems providing commercial greenhouse growers the BEST pricing and customer service on greenhouse products. Let us help you automate and control greenhouse grow.

Dosatron fertilizer injectors operate without electricity, using water pressure as the power source. We install Dosatron Fertilizer Injectors directly in the water supply line allowing water to drive the injector. which feeds into concentrate directly from a stock tank containing concentrate solution. The amount of concentrate is directly proportional to the volume of water entering the Dosatron fertilizer injector, irrespective of variations in water flow or pressure, which may occur in the main irrigation line.

Find out everything you need to know about setting up a greenhouse or commercial greenhouse system to start growing your business today.


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