Greenhouse Ventilation Systems

Greenhouse ventilation is key to creating the perfect environment to whatever you’re growing.

greenhouse ventilation systems

Greenhouse Ventilation is one of the most important components in a successful greenhouse. The purpose of growing in a greenhouse is to achieve a controlled (ideal) environment. Without proper ventilation your greenhouse and the plants within it are prone to a myriad of problems.

Proper Ventilation in a greenhouse serves four major purposes:

To regulate temperature.

• ensures that your plants get plenty of fresh air to photosynthesize.

• Good ventilation prevents pest infestations

• Good ventilation encourages pollination within the greenhouse.

Just like all aspects of growing in-doors to create a quality product, selecting quality fans and vents for your greenhouse is a necessity.

What To Know: Commercial Greenhouse Fans and Ventilation

Not only are there many different greenhouse systems, there are a lot of moving parts to any greenhouse. Learning the ins and outs of cooling systems and how they should be set up to ventilate your greenhouse naturally and successfully may or may not be in your wheelhouse.

Not to worry – it’s in ours. We provide the highest quality commercial grade greenhouse fans and vents plus our professional consultation as to how they should be set up for your specific greenhouse.

Mountain Greenhouse has been an industry leader in providing commercial greenhouse ventilation systems, fans and vents. We can help you automate and control all aspects of your cannabis farm, setting you and your crop up for success.

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MultiFans by Vostermans for Greenhouse Recirculation

Greenhouse Multi-fans Greenhouse Multi-fans

The entire point of greenhouse growing is to optimize productivity. This is exactly why we partner with Vostermans for high quality greenhouse fans.

Vosterman Multi-fans like this one provide active climate control that guarantees growers uniform climate conditions resulting in less temperature differences (avoiding cold spots), better distribution and absorption of CO2 and lowering the risk of humidity related diseases (botrytis). A crucial part of active climate control is the specific selection of the right fan, always based on your greenhouse conditions.

Why choose this fan:
• Considerable increase in energy efficiency compared to previous versions
• To be ready for ErP2020 (check the data on next page)
• Easy to mount/remove wire guards
• Easy to maintain motor/impeller construction
• 3-year warranty

• Aerodynamic inlet radius for optimized air distribution
• High insulation class F / IP55
• Built-in thermal protection for single phase
• Housing suitable for suspension with profiles or chains
• Wire guards in accordance with CE-standards
• Serial- or parallel ventilation systems
• Reflecting white color for usage in greenhouses
• Compact design for less shadow


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V-FloFans for Creating the optimal climate at plant level

When it comes to greenhouses, ventilation plays probably the most vital role. Through circulation of air, heat distribution in the greenhouses is optimized, which enhances a uniform development of the crops. With the V-FloFan, Multifan offers the greenhouse grower the opportunity to reduce the negative impacts, due to humidity, in a simple and energy efficient way. The vertical airflow results in an optimal uniform microclimate on plant level; which makes the VFlow Fans one of the most popular ventilation fans for commercial greenhouse growers.

Why choose this fan:
• Creates an active microclimate on crop level
• Results an uniform climate in greenhouses
• Controls the humidity level
• Constant low airspeed at crop level
• Reduces the energy costs through vertical airflow
• 3-year warranty

• Special aerodynamic shaped conical outlet for optimal vertical airflow
• The V-FloFan is applicable for several cultivation systems and crops
• Reflecting white color for usage in greenhouses
• IP55 motor (water and dust resistant)
• Low noice (45/47 dB at 7 meters)

VFlow Fans for Greenhouses

If you’re looking for the best prices on greenhouse components like these VFlo Fans, MultiFans or entire Greenhouse ventilation systems, call us or use the form below.


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