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Gutter Connect Greenhouse Systems

Mountain Greenhouse provides custom designed gutter connect systems to meet your growing needs. Our premium gutter connect systems ensure a strong and long lasting growing environment.

large open greenhouse using gutter connect

Our Gutter Connect Greenhouse Benefits:

  • Faster and easier to assemble
  • Exclusive and unique design reduces clutter and maximizes growing space
  • Increased light transmission
  • 11 Gauge heavy gutter, an exclusive Decloet design, provides added strength and structural integrity
  • Posts and gutters are galvanized after manufacture for longer rust free life
  • Exclusive oval bows provides consistency in strength and integrity, available on 4 ft and 6 ft centers
  • Custom designs to meet your special requirements and budget
  • Available in widths of 18′, 21′ and 24′
  • Single, double, triple span and convertable

Why growers are choosing gutter connect systems?

As you may well know by now, there is no cookie cutter greenhouse solution. Greenhouses are built to provide your crop, whatever it is, with the ideal growing environment.

Zone segmentation can easily be achieved with inside gable walls and sidewalls, a properly designed greenhouse heating and cooling system and good environmental controls. Blackout curtains (also known as light deprivation screens), irrigation, and fertigation systems are all designed by greenhouse industry experts to be centrally controlled for multiple zones.

Gutter-connected greenhouses are less expensive to build, conserve ground area, and require less heating cost per ground area compared to stand-alone structures. In addition, gutter-connected greenhouses have less roof and wall area relative to floor area, so they are more energy-efficient.

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fully automated light deprivation greenhouse

Modular gutter connect greenhouses have become very popular for large commercial grows because they allow for easy expansion, cut down on initial investment and allow growers to start with a base unit and add more greenhouse units as needed. We like to get an understanding of your specific plans for growth in order to help plan out the most efficient arrangement of the equipment like electrical panels and ventilation to make start up and expansion as simple as possible.

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Contact us with any questions, we’d be happy to assist by providing a ballpark quote, consultation or a detailed estimate for greenhouse growing systems.

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