Turn-Key Light Deprivation Greenhouses

You’ll find everything you need for your Auto Light Dep Greenhouse here at Mountain Greenhouse.

light deprivation greenhouse

We provide the most affordable high quality indoor growing solutions for auto blackout greenhouses. Our auto light deprivation greenhouse systems are simple and effective allowing you to spend less time and money on setup and maintenance.

Our team can help you get set up with the fully automated greenhouse equipment you need to get up and running quickly and affordably. We also carry a selection of our growers preferred greenhouse and growing accessories to compliment your light deprivation greenhouse.

About Our Light Deprivation Greenhouses

Auto Light Dep Greenhouses:

  • Automated interior light deprivation system.
  • 3-layer breathable blackout material.
  • System is retractable.
  • Steel end walls for total light seal.
auto light dep greenhouse
light deprivation greenhouse

Environmental Control

  • We have several different systems perfect for different greenhouse structures.
  • Entire structure covered in 8mm Solarsoft Twin Wall Polycarbonate.
  • Frame designed to collect and transfer extra moisture to gutters.
  • System tailored for operation of: HAF fans, Exhaust fans, Motorized Inlet Shutters w/ Light Traps.
  • System also set up to control optional: Grow Lights, Kool Cel Pad System, Radiant Heat, and Space Heater Unit.

Upgrades for you Auto Light Dep Greenhouse

  • Large automated ridge vent to help heat escape quickly.
  • Roll-up poly-woven sidewall curtains for additional ventilation.
  • Full Parsource grow light system complete with controls and suspended track to hang the lights.
  • Evaporative Cooling System with integrated light trap and rigid vent cover.
  • Radiant Heat or Space Heater Unit
  • Environmental Control system with remote operation option.
  • Automated Interior Retractable Shade and Heat Retention System in Slope-Flat-Slope Profile.
light deprivation greenhouse

The Benefits of Growing with Light Deprivation Greenhouses

While it may seem counterintuitive, many indoor growers have realized the benefit of using light deprivation. Many crops such as cannabis produce the absolute best yields from using light deprivation to actually deprive the plants of natural sun light.

Many plants require a specific amount of daylight and darkness in order to flower. Through light deprivation growers can control the total grow season determining exactly when their plants will flower. This technology is obviously a huge benefit to growers, giving them more control over their harvest windows and times!

Of all crops that use blackout methods for great yields, cannabis can especially benefit from the technique and be made much more available year-round. In fact, this industry approach to growing is almost synonymous with cannabis production. Not coincidentally, it’s also the most lucrative of all light dep plants!

While light deprivation can excel growers’ control of harvest times, additional greenhouse accessories are a must! To achieve complete control over the production of your grow you’ll need some other items along with your primary auto blackout system.

Take your grow to the next level by adding humidity, temperature, ventilation, and further light control using fixtures or shade cloth added to your light dep greenhouse.